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By wentworth

Between a LE32705 and a B320, What would you choose?. Price is pretty much the same for both models.

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By Rasmus Larsen
If you mean 32LE705 and LE320 I suggest you go for the LE705. It's without doubt a better - although older - TV.
By wentworth
Sorry Rasmus, it was LE320 ... and I agree 100% with you.

The comparison is not so easy if we talk about 705 and 820 ...

Thanks for your answer and kindly regards.
By chaos_engine
Thanks for the review, it was the best I could find on the net. Have some questions about the TV. I like the design and price of the 32LE320 (about 300 eur cheaper than 705S)

My main concern for LCD is viewing angles. How does it compare to 705S on that matter? What Panel type should I look for good viewing angles (32 inch)?

I recently installed a Sony 40EX500 for my family and it was really superb PQ, pitch dark blacks, no light bleeding etc. However, I was not amused by the viewing angles (which is no worse than most LCD-TVs I guess).

It would not be critical if I was always in the front of the TV, but for my case I need it for a corner in the room, as a second screen to my home cinema projector setup. It is not critical with the best PQ (colors or shadow details), but since I always will be at a angle to the screen I'd like it to have really good or just good viewing angles.

To sum up, I'm looking for a cheap 32 inch LED LCD TV with good viewing angles.