A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
I have a couple of questions about this review

If I, in anyway, make my self sound like the better knowing in this matter I put a "disclaimer" out here right away.
I can only base my opinions on other peoples reports, or from whatever experience I may gain from having the TV in my own livingroom.
No special equipment or anything like that, just me old eyes.

One thing, amongst others, that struck me very odd in this review was the reported blacklevel.
I have the nordic version of this TV, called PS50C685, and I cant really agree to how you described the blacks.
Im aware that Samsung have issues when it comes to blacklevels if anything is displayed using Cinema Smooth, 50hz or Normal picture mode.
The black level is really bad in those cases, but that is true for pretty much all 09/10 samsung plasmas, if Im not wrong.

The C685 I have in my home display inky blacks in its proper configuration (Movie/GameMode/60hz), and as this TV have no way (if no tinkering is done in the sm) to display 24hz properly, there is no trade offs or hard choises to be made.
Movie/Game mode and 60hz is used for all HD content.

And, again this is just me and my eyes here so no cold hard facts, this TV achievs a better black level than the two LG models Ive had during 2010, which reportedly should have a black level of 0.04-0.05 cd/m2 and described as quite pleasent
Its better than my older Panasonic PX8 even.
To me this is without a doubt.
Still its just my eyes telling me this, but how far off can I be?..Im so much more pleased with the calibrated black level of the C685 than what I was with the Panasonic or the LGs, it should count for something.

From what I can tell, and very clearly see, the C685 also have it much easier to produce a bright and illuminated picture, while not having any of the colorbanding or the annoying noise that could be seen on the LG models.
The HD picture is crispier.
Still the whole LG 2010 line up have been highly praised, just as much for the picture capabilites as for the excellent prices.

As for the shadow detail on my C685, I couldnt be happier.
Ive had TVs that wasnt at their best in this regard, which if Im correct is not an unusual behavior of LCD/Plasma TVs.
Im not sure why a brightness of 50 is used in the final calibration, maybe it effects the already bad gamma negatively if raised any higher?
All I can say is that if I use a brightness of 50, it crushes the lowest gradients to black.

Ive used images and bluray ment for calibration, sent from PC, gameconsoles and bluray player in all kinds of configurations and what I could come up with is that on a Video signal the brightness can be raised to 64 without any negatively effect at all on the blacklevel, if gamma is at 0.
If gamma is at +1 the brighness can be brought to 57 without any bad effect on blacklevel.
On a PC signal it differs some, but in any way brightness at 50 is no no for me, as it kills detail.

Again, Im no expert what so ever, so Im not aware if this screws the gamma even further.
But to my eyes it looks better than having shadowdetail crushed into blacks.
So when it comes to color accuracy and gamma, Im in no position to have a say as I know how easily the eyes can be fooled in this regard.
But theres nothing that hurt my eyes.

The Panasonic always had this green push that I couldnt get rid of, and my W5500 have something going on to, but I cant put my finger on it ;P
So far, the C685 has been able to produce a picture that doesnt feels disturbing in any way, atleast nothing eye catching.
But I know, its hard to tell these things.

Anyhow, so far, Im very pleased and to be honest I was expecting a crap TV for its price but Im very suprised.
The 3D is also good, though alot of noise is in the picture at that mode.
Trade off at this price?

All in all I felt this review had a negative tone in to many aspects, and to me it doesnt add up.
Could there be differences between the UK/US models and the Nordic model?
Different panels, processing?
I saw in your calibrated settings there was an option for xv.YCC, there is no such option on my model, though that may mean nothing of cource.

My apologies for this GIGANTIC post, and for any bad english ;P, I just wanted to give my input.
This TV has been discussed alot the past months, and a lot of people want it to be pure crap as the price is so greatly set.
Just wanted to say that my 50C685 is, in some aspects more in others less, nowhere near as bad as this review makes it sound.

Best regards :)

thanks for this great review.

However when I try to calibrate the c680 as per your recommended settings the "HDMI BLACK LEVEL" is grey and I cannot acces it! Do you have any ideea why?

I also found that Colour Space works nicer when set to NATIVE!

Thank for your reply!

All the best!