A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
great review - read it over my lunch.

So if we ignore the 3D aspect in your opinion its a great TV for SD and HD broadcasts.

This is good news as i expect a lot of people will ignore the 3D side of things.

Can i ask what serial number was on the model you review?

Overall would you buy this TV for none 3D use? (put you on the spot!)
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By Rasmus Larsen
Yeah, in essence: good SD and HD picture quality but not very good 3D picture quality. Calibration is a must.

I'll check the serial later today :)

It's certainly one of the better LCD-TVs today and personally I think it's a great TV but I also think the price is a bit too high - at least here in the Nordic. Compared to the LG 47LE850N with local dimming and scanning backlights, 46PFL9705H looks expensive. It's not a bad choice but I guess you have to value things such as improved speakers and Ambilight to justify the higher price tag.
By Juan
Thank you veru much Rasmus.
As always, it has been a fantastic, weel explained and very detailed review. Thanks a lot!

For my TV selection 3D is not necessary. So, if we forget 3D and we also forget the price, do you think the Philips 46PLF9705H is a little better than LG 47LX8500? I am talking about 2D picture quality.

And comparing the Philips with the Panasonic PDP VT20 (42 inchs) or with the equivalent Samsung LED (46C8000)?

I repeat my questins are fogetting completely 3D and price. Reading your review it is clear you have many doubts about Philips' 3D and overprice (that is why it is not awarded), but fogetting both it seems you make a good review o Philips.

Thank you in advance.