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Only TVs that are 'always fresh' will receive Netflix's Recommended logo

20 Jun 2019 | Rasmus Larsen |

Starting this year, Netflix will only recommend TVs that are "always fresh" meaning that "while the TV is sleeping, Netflix is still awake". It is the company's latest certification criterion.

Always fresh TVs

In 2015, Netflix started a certification program for TVs. The aim was the identify the best TVs for Netflix and to help push TV makers forward. Every year, the streaming company has recommended a handful of TVs.

This year, Netflix is implementing a new criterion that they call "always fresh".

- "The biggest change in criteria this year is the introduction of a feature we call Always Fresh. This feature ensures that while the TV is sleeping, Netflix is still awake," the company said. "The TV will periodically refresh Netflix in the background, so that the next time you want to watch, it’s ready to go and makes a big difference in the responsiveness."

Here is a demonstration:

 Netflix Always Fresh TVTop: TV without Netflix's Always Fresh. Bottom: TV with Always Fresh

To receive the 'Netflix Recommended' logo a TV must meet 5 out of 7 criteria. Besides 'always fresh' another criteria is a Netflix button on the remote control. A full list can be found here.

The first 2019 TVs this year to receive Netflix's badge of honor are mid-range and high-end TVs from Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony. Specifically Panasonic's GX700, GX800 and GX900 series, Sony's X85G, X95G, and A9G series as well as Samsung's 2019 Q series, RU8000, The Serif, and The Frame.

- "We test all TVs that carry Netflix and will continue to report new designations throughout the year as new devices and device updates become available," the company added.

- Source: Netflix

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